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GCR Login Social Module

This module enables any dnn based website to integrate social networking sign-in feature. It currently supports Face book, Twitter & Linked in. It means you can fetch plenty of users from these 3 social networking leaders. It does not need to tell how much users they have in their repositories. So just install this module in your site and enjoy its great sign-in features to extract users from worldwide. It also replaces your traditional dnn login control. In this regard it is like two-in-one login control for your website. You just need to setup this module after installation. Setting up this module is not a big task, Please see the document in packaged zip.

Compatibility with DNN versions – DNN Community Version + above


  1. Install GCR LogIn module.
  2. Add a page to your site where module will be added (Later this page will replace dnn login page).
  3. In this example, we name new page as ‘MYLOGIN’

  1. Now you need to setup this module, by go to setting section.
  2. In setting page you need to provide detail about facebook, twitter & linkedin like application keys, content to publish, images for sign in buttons, email settings etc. See below images to know the fields which you need to fill.

5. When you done with settings page, then only task left is to set this page as login page, for this go to -   Admin > Site Settings ,  and select your login page (see below) -


6        Now you need to set permission setting of both page and module, so that it will display to users when they going to login. Below are images of both page and module permission settings, So you need to set field according to specify in below images – 

Page Permission setting


Module Permission setting

That’s it, now you setup this module. Now this module is ready to working on your site.

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